Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Specimen Rudd; Silver Bream put in an appearance..

An evening back onsite after specimen Rudd. I arrived at 3pm and set up a couple of boilie rigs, whilst on a third rod I set up a helicopter rig again and fished the Redworm/Sweetcorn cocktail bait on a size 10 drennan hook. An hour later after a couple of reasonable Bream I hooked a large fish which bored away strongly. The fish showed under the surface and I could see it was another big Rudd. It then dove into the drop off, an all too familiar tactic which has lost me some good fish in this swim. The fish found snags easily in the underwater bank here and the hook pulled out. A tough break, but I fished on. More Bream followed, the largest a little over 3lb., as well as a few Rudd up to 12oz or so. It was around then another species appeared out of the blue in numbers, Silver Bream. These fish came out of nowhere and demonstrated the sites ever changing nature. The venue had been fished three days in a row, each day was in some way different from the others. Again, here was another species appearing in the swim, seemingly transient shoals moving into shallow waters pre spawning. It would be nice to get a big Silver Bream here in the future, a species that doesn't grow huge and perhaps is overlooked and more than a little neglected in Sweden.

Ed Bowler with a cracking Rudd, which weighed in at 2lb 4oz. Nice to see him get a reward after making the drive out after work for a few hours fishing. The fish is a new PB for Ed, a really nice fish in superb condition...

Ed Bowler arrived around 7pm and after a frustrating time on the waggler with small fish, he decided to concentrate in the leger rod. Not long after that point he struck into a gentle bite and his rod hooped over, bucking as a good fish felt the hook. As we hoped it proved a Rudd and what a fish, at exactly 2lb 4oz.! Ed was rightly delighted, the fish dwarfing his previous personal best. The fish was in immaculate condition, hardly a scale out of place and superbly conditioned.
 After that, there were periods where it was quiet, with occasional periods of fish biting, though nothing exceptional followed. As darkness fell, we packed up, content after banking the fifth two pound plus Rudd in two days! It was especially nice to see a friend getting one of these very special Rudd and sharing in the pleasure of catching these huge bars of gold...

Silver Bream. Note the large eyed appearance, silver appearance, reddish pectoral and pelvic fins. Quite a few caught today, all small specimens.
Below; Helicopter Rig, which has accounted for some good fish of late..

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