Sunday, June 02, 2013

Big Rudd at Dusk

A bit of a social BBQ today followed by a bit of fishing. Today was a sweltering summer day and the fish weren't very interested in the afternoon. The Bream at the site have been spawning these past few days, some big girls being chased around by groups of males, with a few fish looking like potential six pounders. 
 I prevailed a swim and moved in for a late evening session after everyone had gone home and opted for two method rigs with pineapple pop ups. The feeders were attacked by small fish, though after a while I had a wrenching take which I failed to hook up on. Forty minutes later a more gentle pull resulted in a quick scrap, before a very big Rudd was landed, a stunner that went 2lb 12oz and looked an old fish. I was very pleased, my third best Rudd ever...
Ten minutes after that another ripping take saw me enter a dogged fight with a good tench. After four minutes the fish came towards me a looked beat. It wasn't. At the last moment it turned and bolted away with amazing power, my clutch wasn't set light enough and the hook pulled. A shame, but that's fishing. Still, a very nice result today with another belter of a Rudd..

2lb 12oz Rudd at dusk, a fantastic specimen..

Below; Rafal and Souso with a bream of three pound plus. These fish a spawning and not biting freely right now...

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