Saturday, June 08, 2013

Carp; Floater Fishing; 7th June 2013

The biggest fish of the day and Ed's first ever Carp, a fish of 7lb 5oz. Taken on floating cereal...

Having trawled the net for venues that might hold a few Carp, Ed headed out to a water today and was amazed to find Carp straight away, fish clearly visible on the surface. He rang me straight away and i went straight out for a few hours to join him. By the time I got there Ed had already had a fish of over 7lb., the fish taken off the surface on floating cereal! The fish gave him a fantastic fight after being hooked and he was well pleased on my arrival, his first ever Carp, a nice Mirror.
 i quickly got set up whilst Ed fished on and i looked on as a second fish took Ed's floating bait, a fish of just over 3lb. A short while later I took my first Carp, a fish of around 4lb! It was a cracking short session and very exciting fishing. We saw many bigger fish and have vowed to return soon for a proper seesion at the venue in order to try get a better fish, for now the target will be a double figgure fish. Most seem to be Mirror Carp, though there are rumours of Grass Carp here too. How big the Carp get is speculations, though there could be fish to well over 20lb here. Watch this space..

My first ever Carp, a fish of around 4lb, also taken off the surface.
                                               Ed's second fish of just over 3lb..

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