Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Muskan; 3rd May 2015

The biggest Tench of the day which had been badly mauled by a Pike and was not exactly a looker. Just under 4lb.

An immaculate Tench which weighed 3lb. 3oz. and fought like a demon. A really nice looking fish this one...

Our first session on the lake today and we decided to ground bait a swim at the northeast of the lake and lever over it. We used feeders and six 14 hooks, arriving at dawn. It wasn't long before the bites started to come and we were surprised by the species, Silver Bream. We were really bagging up before long and it seems the lake is teeming with these fish. The biggest fell to Andy Shaw at 14oz., surely there are a few specimens over a pound to be had. The real surprise came in the form of two Tench, we had figured it too early for the species, but we were wrong. It bodes well for the future and we may be on for some excellent Tench fishing here as the summer moves along. Next question is just how big do they get here? All in all, a really nice day with some good fish...

Below, Andy with a big Silver Bream of 14oz. These fish don't get very large and a 1lb. fish is a specimen, surely there are a few big one in this lake, which seems to be teeming with these fish..

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