Thursday, May 14, 2015

Pike; 13lb on Redworm; Muskan; 12th May 2015

Sometimes things happen when fishing that you just don't expect, that's what happened to Andy Shaw this Tuesday, whilst feeder fishing at Muskan. We are new to the venue, this being just the third visit, a short feeder session. We know Pike sometimes take worms, even maggots. When it happens to be a thirteen pounder though, on a light feeder Rod, things get confusing. Andy had been catching Silver Bream and lost a nice Tench before striking into another bite only to hook up on something, not the bottom as initially thought, as line started to tear off his reel at a rate of knots. Thoughts of a huge Tench, wondering if it could be a Carp, we're all going through his mind as he played this fish for twenty minutes, before he finally got a look at the beast and realized what he had hooked. The small hook was in the scissors of the Pike, luckily the fish didn't bite through the line and it was duly netted and weighed at 13lb. A new PB for Andy, he was delighted, shocked and confused. Andy is a specialist at taking shite photos and he duly obliged with this clanger of a selfie, on of his best efforts to date, at least he got most of the silhouette in the frame. All joking aside, a good effort by the lad...

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